Over the last three decades I have worked as an editor and/or copy-editor for and with a wide range of arts organisations, artists, projects and people. This blog provides an overview of the very diverse range of publications that have come out of these collaborations, although it is nowhere near complete. You can find factual information about specific projects I have been involved in under the categories Editorial Projects, Copy-Editing, Translating and Proofing, sometimes embellished with comments and observations about the process. Under Current Projects you can find brief outlines of projects that are in process. Filed under Other are posts about talks or activities that explore editing and art publishing in a different way. Under Links you can find an overview of organisations, publishers, designers and artists related to the projects.

Best thing about my practice as an editor/curator of books: I get to read a lot of interesting thinking, keep abreast of current discourse(s) and learn, continuously, about things I’m interested in. I am currently using my practice as an editor as basis for PhD research at Birkbeck, University of London. To summarise my focus: I am exploring the processes and actors and agents involved in the making of publications on art, unpicking notions such as translation and mediation, as well as authoring, while considering the position of publications in the wider discourse around curating and ‘the curatorial’.

If you are interested in working with me, you can contact me via gvannoord@googlemail.com.

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